Our Ethos

Andrew Hunter and Chloe Ness started Lavemill Larder, with the help and support of wife and Mum, Dr Ainsley Coats.

Chloe has since gone on to save lives with the Scottish Ambulance Service, but can still be found occasionally helping out.

We are delighted to bring loose wholefoods, refill cleaning products, eco toiletries and lifestyle products to Troon and Prestwick.

You will find loose rice and pastas, grains, nuts and seeds along with a substantial range of herbs and spices. 

We also offer laundry products, washing up liquid and hand washes to be dispensed in to your own containers. Bring your own Tupperware, glass jars, reusable plastic bags, liners from cereal boxes, anything that can hold our goods!

Or come and see our wide selection of eco goods - beeswax wraps or ReWraps (made in Bowhouse Prison), shampoo bars and soaps from local maker Surya Luna and reusable sanitary products by Irvine based TCS-Eco (for us older ones too who need a little liner for those moments!)

We are proud to support local suppliers and sell Mossgiel Milk, Homemade by Jill jams and marmalades, Carrick Coastal and Ayrshire Honey and Oishii Dressings. 

Other Scottish products include Kombucha from Left Field in Eyemouth and Little Doone Balsamic Vinegar from Alva.

Single use plastic is doing irreparable damage to our planet. We are all about offering alternatives.

By taking small, sustainable steps we can make a difference.

We are not a "Health Food" shop, a "Farm Shop", a "Hippy" shop.

We are:

A place where you can shop ethically and sustainably.

Somewhere to shop knowing you are reducing the impact on our environment.

Somewhere we can shop to reduce our waste.

Somewhere we can help save plastic, planet and pocket.

Pick somewhere to start, and start today.


How to Shop

Bring your own containers or use our donated and cleaned ones. As we now go to the supermarket with our reusable bags, add in some Tupperware or bags out of cereal boxes with clips and you are all set to shop with us.

For cleaning, laundry and shampoos, just bring the bottles you already have at home!

But, if you forget, or need more, then we always have paper bags, jars and tubs you can use or buy some of our reusable labelled bottles (and get money off your first refill!)

"Do a little to help a lot"

Our Background


Andrew and Ainsley live on a Smallholding outside Dundonald where Chloe and her brother Connor grew up surrounded by horses, chickens, dogs and cats. 

More recently sheep, goats, alpaca and miniature donkeys have joined the menagerie. We grow a lot of our own vegetables for ourselves and our animals, have a small orchard producing mainly apples for our horses and harvest the fresh eggs we sell in our shops every day from our mix of hybrid, Legbar and Maran chickens.

When not in the shops, Andrew runs his own gardening business providing both domestic and commercial customers with garden maintenance. Ainsley works between Breeze and Alloway Place and fits in some Aesthetics treatments too!